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Yes Mr Emil, I was wondering if you know anything about benedictthefirst aidmate? Renay

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Hi, Emil! I was glad to get some response to my aidpage. I am new, so please let me know anything that I need to know re: this aidpage thing. I found it by accident earlier today. I hope someone will give me some input about what I messaged. ConcernedMother

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Emil, read what I've written down? Plz do and get back to me. I need your advice in my endevour. Thank you. John

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Hi NJ... I don't remember sending you a message. May be it was from somebody else. Sometimes, the Aidpage system may remove some messages if they look like spam... or if they were sent by a member who has violated some of the Terms of Service.

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Hi there..I recieved your message the other day..and I went back to it I can't find it!! Is there anyway you can resend it to me please?

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Thanks Eve... about my email address... That's one of the good things about Aidpage - you can always edit your postings... and you don't need to be a geek to do it... :)

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Hi Eve... Yes, I am browsing Aidpage a lot... I am involved with the creation and maintenance of the site. I don't have any specific suggestions for you at this time... If I come up with something, I surely will post something on your page. Aidpage is basically an online community where you can post stuff so that other people may respond in a helpful way. Feel free to post as many pages and comments as you want (use it as a free blog)... and pictures too. One last thing - would you, please, edit your comment where you are guessing my email... correctly... :). It is not good to have your email posted on a web page because spammers can easily find it. Aidpage gives you a way to post to other people privately without putting your email on the page.

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eve m.

Hi emil. I see you visited my page. I'm not sure how this site works, but I am curious to your response for me to contact you. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would be greatly appreciative.....

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Cheri and Ed

Hi Emil; May I tell others on this site about Hepatitis C and how the treatment affected me. I believe this is going to be the next world epedemic and the politians don't seem to care. Knowledge is power! I will share my story, since this is how I became disabled, but still pending my Social Security hearing. Thanks Cheri

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otwalters, Take a look at the links below. It seems that these people may be in a position to help you with information, advice, etc. Consider writing a bit more about yourself, your goals, and your needs when you ask for assistance. Here are email addresses: Nigerian CEPMLP Society: or ... Good luck!
Dundee University Students Association

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Roseb441702,where can i check on this at,my daughters excepted to Perdue University, Indiana, can you help me find out more, thanks

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There is some basic information that you should know. There are plenty of scholarships available to those that have good grades. The only problem may be whether or not the college you want to attend will accept them. But the solution to that is for you to choose a college that does accept them.

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I noticed that you visited my aid page , i am looking for help finding grant money for my daughter to go to college i am single and disabled parent , but i would love to see my daughter be able to excell with all of her talent and brains, she carries a 4.5 gpa and is involved in our community and nationwide volentering also she went to miss. to help after the huricain with her youth group at church . If you know where i can look please direct me thanks Colleen Jessup

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Thanks so much

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Hi Mr.Sotirov. I just wanted again to tell you thank you for your interest in my need.There's more damage to this house than i mentioned but i figured heat would be a priority.I also wanted to tell you what a wonderful caring person you and the other aidmate members who devote thier time to the needy.The world needs more people like yourselves ;-)

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Hi Donna, I hope you read my reply posted on your page... Click on the link below to go there...
Reply to Donna...

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depressed Donna

Hi Mr. Sotirov, I hope you can give me some advice. I am on SSI (social security supplemental income) due to my depression. I receive $640.20 a month in benefits. My mortgage is $830. plus my utilities. I am 47 year old female. My children are grown and have moved away. I* lost my job as a cardiology tech. on June 6,2005 due to my depression. I am so behind on my utility bills and now my mortgage I am afraid of becoming homeless. It happened to me once when my husband of 23 years left me with 3 little children, a giant mortgage, and all the bills. The bank gave me 3 weeks to get out. I worked 2 full time jobs in order to buy this house. I am not able to work yet because I am undergoing electro convulsive therapy for my depression. I do have memory loss from the treatments. I hope that it will return. My question to you is, can you tell me where or what agency can help me with past due bills? I am mostly worried about my mortgage and electric. If my electric gets turned off my furnace and water pump won't work. It was very difficult for me to get through the holidays. I am taking it minute by minute. If I didn't have my dogs and cats that depend on me I think I would just take my pills and go to sleep. I am crying my eyes out as I am writing this. I hope you can give me some suggestions so I can get my life back together again. I have been in healthcare for 20 years and gave and gave. I would skip my breaks to sit with lonely or dying people. I want to get back to that life. Even if you can't help me, thank you for listening. Depressed Donna

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Thank you Emil Sotirov, I did not realize I had to log into my page. I have been attempting to navigate around on this site. So far all I have found is the many who need and none who can or care to help. There is a good many grants for organizations, and loans that I do not qualify for. The scholarships are like sweepstakes, who knows who wins and why. In fact I just found out that my FastWeb scholarship I applied for went to two Californians and I live in Indiana. Thank for you reply, I appreciate it, Weeza PS., there is no way that I can tell to go back on this site. In fact I think I have to start all over to get back to my site page.

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