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Rams Racing

Racers Against Multiple Sclerosis Dear Friends, My name is Ronald Gooden and I'm starting a new race team and in search of sponsorship, Donations, Investors to put this together to go around the U.S. to promote the fight against M.S.The team is called (Racers Against M.S.) R.A.M.S. We are in need of any and all donations (i.e.. Parts, chassis, body, motor, slick wheels. This is a ground floor team to go out and let people know about M.S. and to help fight for a PLEASE.... HELP THIS CAUSE.... I’m not a non-profit but I am building this truck to travel across the US to promote awareness to Multiple Sclerosis. See I to have MS From what I know, I will be the only traveling car and driver to go out and raise money for MS research. Part of the donations will go back into the truck; it is a 50/50 split. The other part will go to MS research. I'm doing this on my own with the help of my family I'm seeking donations to get this started. So far I have the truck, It's a 1982 GMC S-15, a used pair of circle track tires for the rear, a stock 350 out of a 82 Chevy van along with the tranny. I've tried to get others interested in this venture with no luck. See no one is willing to take a chance on this and me. Most people don't know what Multiple Sclerosis is or what effect it has on the people who have it. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, but I just need help and donations are a part of that help. For your help, Your name will be on the truck and be seen all over at every track I go to...You might be saying and thinking, Yeah right, This is just some guy just trying to get something for nothing, But that's not how it is, I'm just someone who is willing to do anything it takes to make people aware of Multiple Sclerosis and help find a cure. Although all of us diagnosed with MS experience different things, one thing is the same-We have to deal with symptoms, but we have to try and overcome them to make life better. Life offers a lot of great things and it has its downfalls and also great joys. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2000,I was floored. I thought, How could this happen to what and me will I do now. Well after a lot of self-pity and a lot of heartache, I had a few dreams. And I decided to not let it get me down. The dream I had, I saw myself with a drag truck, On the side of that truck was RAMS, Racers Against Multiple Sclerosis. My family and I are going from track to track raising money and awareness to MS and letting people know that it doesn't keep us down. This team, which consists of my wife, my daughter and son-in-law and myself is about helping people not only overcome life's trials, but to help them see that" Yes we can do it ". I want people to see that Multiple Sclerosis doesn't mean we can't fully function and make our dreams come true. I want people to see living proof of this. It won't be easy, But I'm just one man...Trying to make a difference and wanting to see chapters of RAMS all over the world. PLEASE, Help make a difference. Send $1.00 to Racers Against Multiple Sclerosis in care of Ronald Gooden 406 N. Modena St. Gastonia, N.C. 28054

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John, Thank you for the Nigerian-type scam posting... we removed it. About the search... We had search and tags on the site but we removed them temporarily for technical reasons until we work on a major upgrade of Aidpage. We hope to have this upgrade up and running sometime in the next few weeks.

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Hey Emil, I think we might have one of those Nigerian-type scam postings on aidpage. It is located at http://app-judith-williams-1.a I found in on one of the next-of-kin scamsheets located at .uk/ h&month=November&year=2006&typ e=nextofkin By the way.....where is the searcg function on this site? There are specific areas I could help people with, but I cannot even find a way to search for keywords. John

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Thank you for you response. Since I am new to this site, it will take a little time to get used to using this site. But I think it is very unique, and helpful. God Bless, Darrell djmatt@be

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Singing Blue Flo

Emil, My bull doesn't live in the house. He came through the screen door. I grabbed the camera and caught a couple of pics of him. He went right out the back door after that. Yes, I love all my animal family members. I am lacking the human side which I miss. My ex isn't the same. I miss the kind, loving person he once was. Gina

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Hi farmer... Thank you for the good words! That's what keep us going. We are now working on a major upgrade of Aidpage and every word of support is highly appreciated... :) Thank you again! Emil

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Great Site ,COME TAKE A BREAK AND BROWSE JUST FOR FUN!!! Everyone needs a break sometime .

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Talk to retailzone

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for Aidpage. I think it's great! Kaysha (:

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Talk to marta182

hi everyone..i think the concept of this site is great...i hope ev one gets what they need...I have been in need a lot of my life..I am still in debt..on section eight..but i can get my bills paid at this point..I dont have much to give...but i can help in collaboration..It's just a matter of knowing that the person is really in need..and that's hard to find out..I think that's why..ppl are skeptical about helping..When i got help from the Salvation Army one time..they wanted to see the bills maybe this will help ppl believe..dontknow how this can be done without anonymity..but if some one can come up with some variation..i will be glad to give what i can.. Thank you all for your time

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good morning Emil, Sorry to bother you again. I think Holly is having problems again. I know she posted yesterday, but I also received an email from her saying she couldn't post. I don't know which occurred first (the posts aren't time stamped) . I also saw another unrelated post which said they couldn't access certain pages. Could you check into this, please? Thank you. Lisa
unable to access post
homepage of deborah in tx

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sir im a male pakistani im married & have 1 daughter, im doing a very low paid job here in pakistan as i have no other choice, all i wish to ask that can u help me in anyway to boost my income can i be of any service to u or anyone do u have any ideas? i dont want millions all i want is an extra income plz help me.

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Foxy Brown422


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Hi Emil, I understand about the e-mail listing, however I am on the scammers list. Do you know who I contact, or where to report these scams? I am worried that some of these needy people may be sucked in by these scams... Sands

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Sands, Thank you for your comment. The best way to protect yourself is to NOT post your email address on your aidpages. You don't need to post your email. Everybody here on Aidpage can contact you using the Aidpage private messages. Emil

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Hi Emil, Sinse setting up with this web site I have recieved several e-mail sollicitations SCAMS from places like Nigeria, wanting me to send money, to recieve money, calling themselves Philantropists, and some Phishising stuff, This is just to warn people those are scams. Be care-full what info you give out to them, best to not respond at all. Sands

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hi i need help somebody please tell me how i can read my private messages thanks slong400

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hello emil thank you for your interest in my page and thank you for stopping by it. i found this today while i was looking to see how i might find a little help for my kids so anyways i could type a big long letter to you but i wont it is nice to find this place thank you for your involvment.

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