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Hi. My name is Heather and I am a desperate mother of four kids that need my support. As of right now I can't give them all that they need. I am a single mother and living pay check to pay check. Bills get paid and then we are left with nothing. I need help desperatlely for them. Any little bit would help and we would greatly appreciate.
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I have been fighting with social security for three years. I have had four denials. I taught special education for forty years. Now my health doesn't allow me to work anylonger. My doctor said I had to stop. I have so many conditions it's hard to remember to list them all. When the paper work is sent in they don't even read what the doctor says. This last denial told me to go back into the classroom and teach. I can't. Out of frustration I contacted the governor and the senators of the state. Now my case has been turned over the the senator's office and social security is being investigated to find out what the problem is. I have to provide them with as much information as possible. It is mind boggling. In a recent article from press release the Social Security Administrator was quoted as saying people who have worked till retirement and paid into the system should be able to depend on it to make their life easier. I totally agree with that statement and that is why I pursued it the way I did. I am close to loosing my home with no where to go.

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Thanks for the post from the N.Y.Times,your grandfather was one special person.I enjoyed reading the article. Susan

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calvary missions india

Hi please visit our web site we are in the GODS SERVICE FOR 18 Years WE WAITED FOR GOOD HEARTS LIKE YOU TO PRAY FOR US. Thank you waited Calvary Missions India

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Merry Christmas Emil. What is new in your life? And how are you doing? I thought I would stop by for a quick moment! I am afraid it will be short and sweet tonight, but none the less here I am. God Bless You during this Season of his birth and I hope you are happy and doing better. Sincerely, anglhrt48 aka Linda N. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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hi my name is janet i have 2 kids a boy he is 5 years old and a girl she is 2 i dont have anymoney to buy my kids some toys can u help please i need help this year

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Hello... just wanted finished 5 weeks of "murphys law" what could go wrong did.. apologys for not being here more.. I also tried to edit my original profile/blog and I guess I didnt do it right.. if you can suggest someone in here to help me with this I would apprecitate this.. I have to stay busy on her helping others. otherwise I'll be fighting depression.. takes too much negitive energy... thankyou so much. I'm still telling everyone I talk to about aidpage... and will continue to do so..
Thanks so much
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This webpage is great. It has allowed me to spread the resources that I have acquired in my own endeavors. I hope that I can be an asset to this cause as it provides me with good therapy for my own issues.
Again, thank you agian for this great resource!!!!
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 in response to esther51...   

Thank you Esther!

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I just wanted to personally thank you for starting such a needed site, where people can state there needs, or give of there time talking to someone haveing a hardtime. I persanlly believe this site is a gift from God, letting us know all things are possible.. I hope you alway keep the heart you so ovbiosoulsy have for people. So many desperate, and lonely people, I havn't got my answer yet, but just coming on this site and being able to reach out in love and understanding, as at least got my eyes off my self and my problem part of the time.. God bless you and those who personally help you with this... :) :)

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Hello, Emil. I don't know how this site can help me, but I hope it can.

 I don't know whom to approach about this matter, but I am still hoping that your company/organization can help me with my problem. I am really in dire need of help!This is not one of those internet scams. I am real and I need help!!!

I am a 38 year old Filipina, married and with three kids ages ranging from7,8 and 10. I used to live an ordinary life of a teacher in a small province. Problems came and I had to shoulder my husband's responsibility of being the provider. Because our family income wasn't enough, I decided to go abroad(to Taiwan) to become a teacher; however, I was not fortunate and I had to go back home penniless and jobless. From then on, life had become more difficult for me and my family. I have incurred a lot of debts amounting to $3000...I tried to pay each of my creditors by borrowing from individuals, loan sharks and banks. Now, I am jobless and I have no one to turn to.I suddenly found myself more and more saddled with debts. I fear that I can be charged and go to jail for all my debts.Sometimes, I feel so helpless and desperate that I think of getting ran over by the trucks to end my misery.But may God forgive me for this evil thought... I don't want to leave my children alone and motherless...

Please help me!!! People like me make mistakes but then I want to start all over again.Help me rebuild my life,please.

If you can just spare me a dollar or more to help me raise $3000, I will forever be grateful to you.You may send it to my paypal account (

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 in response to Singing Blue Flo...   your heritage is very honorable and my deep regards, because I hear in your voice that you are deep believer in the Great Spirit.
I don't believe in any Illuminati conspiracy theories.. and the true Illuminati which have been so badly  maligned were  good people.  Please stand on my part before the great Spirit. There are too many thigns outside my control adn I am jsut a small fish in a world of destruction and abuse...
I raise frogs, so  I can understand your respect for nature and your desire to remain in contact with nature.  My frogs are very very tiny when they transform. The newbie in kitchen is just barely one centimeter and each one  I watch over carefully.
Yesterday, I photographed the emergence  of a dragonfly from the head emerging to first flight--  and  I handle such insects like other people might  thier  cat-- but with tons of respect and awe for them.  I do not think there is a stupid creature on this earth outside of man. Definitely the frog people are very intelligent people.
I've been up all night-- you can write me directly if you wish Singing Blue--   Once the old Shaman of the Lummi called up the great Spirit on my behalf because  he told me that I was walking between two worlds.  I as very very ill and all the poele I knew had died...  he wanted me to go visit him, but I ahd no money to make the trip and did nto think I was worthy of his care.
For such people I ahve very great respect--  but I am invery deep crisis now and often I am just eating old bread  that is very old... and I work around the clock, but nothing seems to work for me. I've just had a very hrd life from beginning to now and most of the hardships occured outside my control. You can't blame the salmon for  the pollution over in the Hood Canal. They didn't do it.  And you can't blame all the millions of spawn that died in Oregon because the stupid government regulators turned off their water...  or all  the animals and fish that die in the plastic soup of the sea.
Or the eagles that were massacred in  Vancouver--  the greed and toxicity that exists, exists because of man's greed and laziness and disregard for  fellow creatures, not because  the fish invented plastic sacks.
reallly I did not invent the hardships of my life, but am just entangled in them  an so I spend as much times as I can searching beauty in nature and lloking at very small things.
 I am here
I just finished working all night and can't pay telephone or basic things today. I've nothing left--and I am dependent on the internet because of photography.   I have some images over on  and   a contract with AGE Fotostock but it could be another year before there is income.
I am very shy of public. write to me personally and I will keep in touch.  I really need  to pay off the basic debts today-tomorow because they are obligatory and I need the internet to survive as photographer.
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Singing Blue Flo
 in response to pogomcl...   Illuminati strikes again and again getting richer and fatter while everyone else goes hungry. I am sorry to hear about all of your misfortunes. I will put you on my prayer and meditation list. I pray that your situation improves my friend and that you receive many blessings soon to come. Don't give up as prayer really does work. I have seen affirmations manifest in my life and the lives of others due to prayer and affirmation. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as I am spiritually gifted and have helped many through times of struggle. My prayer for this world is for people to be at peace with themselves and the rest of the world. Oh yes. I am 1/5 Lakota Sioux and pay homage to Great Spirit. Our world was nearly perfect before washichu(white man) came. I still follow the old ways in many respects. No racism or boundaries of skin color. We all belong to the same Creator, so therefore, we are all brothers and sisters. Peace be with you!
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 in response to Singing Blue Flo...   

singing blue-- you didn't offend me-- the page confuses me and  my response or note was written to someone else and ended up with you. as for me, I can't write anyone. I am in Prague, Czech republic and poverty and hardship is the same everywhere. When you're on the bottom, you're nobody and it's no easier here than there and probably harder. The US government doesn't care about poor American who get attacked by landlords overseas and it's all cosy-cosy  in the Old Boys Club. And it took me some 8months  before I could even recover a valid passport-- the US Embassy made my life  hell here. Without valid passoport, you can forget about getting your proper residency documents restored... it was really a nightmare.  Someone on this page was complainting about foreigners on Aidpage  and  couldn't stop to understand that peole are people the world around. And besides, the only real Americans are the Native Americans and they got hit with genocide. When I was a kid, I worked in the strawberry fields adn most people in US would never do that kind of dirty manual labour for so little money, but they will complain bout the migrant workers who do it for them. In US there is real need for machinists-- I see the calls for machinists and skilled trades constantly, but  Americans will not learn to do skilled trades and so the jobs and companies re going overseas because the compnies  can't survive without a workforce. Many companies that need machinists and skilled trades will  not only pay for the apprenticeship, but pay basic professional salary during that entire time of and then grant journeyman's wages on entry... and that's very high paid labor, but Americans are not interested; but they will scream if  the same companies are forced to use foreign labor. It's crazy.


Aid page completely confuses me-- I am dyslexic and I can't find my way around. It's like being lost in a mirror labyrinth--so forgive me please. You didn't offend me at all. 

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Singing Blue Flo
Hey pogomcl..your friend Murat said it best..BEG!!
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Singing Blue Flo
 in response to pogomcl...   Sorry I offended you. I am strapped and struggling like everyone else. Even though I am disabled, I cannot live off of what the government pays. So I work and I do without. I do whatever it takes to pay long as it is moral, honest, and legal. I do not need legal help. And I do help myself..and I help others. I go to sleep knowing that I put my best foot forward. I don't cheat or do dishonest business. And when others are hungry..I share my food. Do you? I like to stir up people's feelings on various different subjects. I enjoy provoking thought. People don't always like what I have to say, but maybe they just have to look inside themselves and delve a bit deeper. Maybe I have hit on something that they are afraid to look at. Did you help another besides yourself today? It is in helping others that we indeed help ourselves. Do you like the state that the world is in? I don' I do something about it to change it. What did you do today to make the world a better place to live? You speak of evidence but left something missing in what answers that you seek. Did you write to your state representative today? I write to mine everyday to make this world a better place through change. I write for people, places, and endangered, and abused animals. What are you doing to change the world. I live it everyday. Stop being so self-serving and make a positive change in this world before it dies!!! Peace!!
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 in response to Singing Blue Flo...   

why don;t you put yur evidence together and send it to a state epresentative or seek for free legal help. it's easy to find in the US and believe me there's nothing free or easy for people living abroad, so you shouldn't be xenophobic. If someone is from outside the US it's no easier for them to survive than you. google for "free legal aid"  +  state name   and you'll find some way to help yourself. As an  US citizen in Prague, I can tell you tht there is nothing given to me and I pay dearly for all, just as I did in the States. Poverty is the same the world around as well as injustice.

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 in response to Singing Blue Flo...   

How true.

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Singing Blue Flo
 in response to maverich06...   

This is a joke right?! I don't believe that people give financial assitance here. It is mostly moral support..I am disabled, have fibromyalgia, injured from a car wreck in 2004. I have gotten screwed by my own government on my disability benefits. I see what the problem is. We have people from all over the world who are not citizens and come here for FREE help. I worked my back end off for 27 years and cannot get help from my country. Now if I was a foriegner, I would have all of my stuff paid for. Imagine that!!!!

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